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Why National Solar

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National Solar is a faith based organization that encourages its workers to walk in their faith. We share values that go far beyond just solar. Our mission is to not only better the lives of our customers, but to foster an environment that strengthens every facet of our workers' lives. 
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At National Solar, you will obtain an invaluable skillset that you will keep forever. Our employees sharpen their skills daily with seasoned professionals. We emphasize the enhancement of communication and the mastery of sales. 
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National Solar is primarily a 1099 business, which means there is no limit to your earning potential. As your skillset increases, your income stream will as well. Your fate is in your hands. 
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Our canvassing team is the backbone of the business. As a canvasser, you will be trained in customer acquisition and work in tandem with our sales department. 
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As a solar sales representative, you will familiarize yourself with the technical ins and outs of solar in order to best serve our customers. 
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