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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I order solar for my home?
    National Solar has an amazing network of highly trained sales representatives. Contact us through our website, and we will connect you with a local expert in your area.
  • What is the status of my project?
    Good news! You will receive email and text notifications throughout your project to keep you updated on the latest status. For more detailed information our customer success team is standing by and ready to help. You can reach them the fastest by texting or calling Customer Care at 240-926-9771.
  • How do I get in contact with my Sales Representative?
    If you have trouble reaching your representative, you can reach National Solar Customer Care by texting or calling 240-926-9771, and our team will be happy to assist with contacting your representative or providing anything you may need.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Up until installation you may be able to cancel your project. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Care team by texting or calling 240-926-9771. However, once the panels are installed on your home, you can no longer cancel.
  • How long will it take from the time I order to installation of my system?
    National Solar is proud to offer a 4 month installation guarantee for qualifying projects. From the moment your final design is approved we will guarantee that we will initiate the installation of your system within 4 months or else compensate you for a years worth of solar payments up to $2000. While our timeline guarantee is for 4 months, we see a majority of projects reach installation in under 90 days. Please be aware that the timeline for your project could vary significantly depending on the complexity of the project. Re-roofs, main service panel upgrades and battery installations may delay the project. Also, some cities and towns have longer than normal timelines for National Solar to receive the proper permits to begin installation. Your sales representative will be able to quote you an accurate timeline depending on what is needed for your project. As always if you have additional questions about timelines please reach out to our Customer Care team.
  • Why does my solar design show panels on the north side of my roof?
    In some cases, we may utilize the north-facing side of your roof to maximize the energy production from your solar system. While this is rare, in some cases even north-facing panels can be economically beneficial.
  • Can I make changes to my system?
    If you need to make changes to your system, simply contact your sales representative with the changes you would like to make and in most cases National Solar can accommodate those changes.
  • How long does it take to complete my design after the site survey?
    Depending on the complexity of your project, design timelines can vary. Most designs can be completed in 24 to 72 hours but some may take up to a week.
  • How does National Solar design my system?
    National Solar designs your solar system by looking at your previous year’s kilowatt-hour usage, assessing your future energy needs, and factoring in the efficiency of your roof to determine how many solar panels would be needed to offset your energy needs and maximize your savings.
  • What happens at the site survey?
    During the site survey, a technician will go to your home to take pictures of your roof, utility meters, and main electrical panel. If you have a tile roof, the Surveyor may inspect underneath some tiles to determine the quality of the roof under the tiles. Some cities or towns require us to gather information about the spacing of your rafters, so in some cases, we may need to access your attic. Our site surveys are experts at gathering information but are not equipped to make judgement calls regarding the quality of your roof or electrical panel.
  • How do I review my design and payment details?
    Following the site survey, you will receive a final copy of your Solar System Design. Your sales representative can supply you with a copy of your sales proposal to review all financing payment details related to your project.
  • Do I need to provide a utility bill?
    Yes, a utility bill is required for every National Solar project. National Solar will use your utility bill to verify your energy usage, address and gather other information found on the bill to use for your interconnection application with your utility provider. The more recent the utility bill the better!
  • Why does my solar design show panels on the north side of my roof?
    In some cases, we may utilize the north-facing side of your roof to maximize the energy production from your solar system. While this is rare, in some cases even north-facing panels can be economically beneficial.
  • What is the difference between no-backup, partial backup and whole home backup with battery storage?
    A no-backup battery storage option is designed for clients in some markets to maximize savings with the utility company by “selling” or exporting excess energy produced by the solar system back to the grid during peak times. With the no-backup option, only a small amount of power will be stored at any given time and the battery is not designed to be used in the event of a power outage. Back-up battery options will do all that the no-backup options are capable of with the additional benefit of storing larger amounts of electricity to power essential appliances in your home even if the electricity is out. With that said, the difference between partial and whole home backup is the number of appliances that will be available to use in the event of a power outage. Typically, National Solar will recommend whole home backup for most clients. However, there are some situations where a partial home back up will accommodate certain homes.
  • What can a battery system back up?
    A battery system can back up any electrical appliance in your home. We recommend backing up the most important appliances in your home like your refrigerator, stove, water heater, or your heating and air conditioning unit.
  • I would like to add more panels, can I do that?
    If you need to add more panels later on, National Solar will assess the feasibility of an add-on system and give you a custom quote for the cost of that system. Simply contact our Customer Care team and they are standing by to assist.
  • Will the final price change after I place my order?
    In most cases, no, but there are some situations where following the site survey during the design phase, we may determine that additional work is needed for your project to be possible. If this occurs, you’ll have the opportunity to review the updated price before the installation.
  • Will I still have a utility bill?
    Yes. Solar is designed to reduce your reliance on the utility grid but you will still be connected to the grid for when you need to use more electricity than what your solar system is actively producing. With that said, you will still receive regular electric bills to show how much power was generated from your solar system compared to how much power you may have used from the grid. Depending on your utility provider, any excess energy usage may be billed at regular intervals or once annually.
  • Will I obtain tax credits and other incentives?
    Tax Credit If you choose an ownership option, you will be eligible to receive up to 30% of the value of the system as a tax credit from the federal government. Please note that while you may be eligible for the tax credit, your ability to claim the tax credit is entirely dependent on your individual tax situation. National Solar does not give tax advice and cannot guarantee your ability to claim the tax credit. We recommend contacting your tax professional for advice on if you would be able to claim the tax credit. Incentives In some cases, National Solar may apply for additional incentives on your behalf. This will vary from market to market, so please check with your sales representative for more specific details.
  • When is my payment due?
    If you are paying for the system outright, $1000 is due at signing. 90% of the remaining balance is due on the day of installation, with the final 10% being due on the day of an approved inspection. If you are financing the system, your first billing date may vary depending on the finance provider you choose. Most finance providers will begin billing within 60 to 90 days after your installation is complete. Contact Customer Success or check with your sales representative or for complete details.
  • How can I pay?
    If paying for the system outright, you may pay by ACH or virtual checking account. If using a finance option, check with your finance provider on which payment methods will be accepted for your monthly bill.
  • Do I need to obtain approval from my Homeowners Association (HOA) to proceed with Installation?
    NSEC does not require HOA approval to proceed with the installation. In most of the markets we operate in, there are laws preventing HOA’s from having a significant impact on your ability to go solar. While this is the case, it may be in your best interest to follow the local rules and regulations of your homeowner’s association to avoid any unnecessary fines, fees or simply avoid upsetting the neighbors.
  • What do I do if my HOA approved my project?
    If you have received proof of HOA approval, please send it to as soon as possible.
  • What do I do if my HOA denied my project?
    In nearly all areas that National Solar operates in, there are laws preventing HOAs from significantly impacting your ability to go solar. If you are denied by your HOA, please contact National Solar’s Operations team and we can equip you with information to help overturn that decision. Alternatively, we may be able to adjust your system design to meet the requirements of your HOA.
  • When will I be able to schedule my installation?
    As soon as we have received a building permit and all other approvals associated with your solar project, the National Solar scheduling team will contact you with the soonest available date for installation. In nearly all cases, your installation will be scheduled within two weeks from the scheduling date.
  • How do I prepare for my installation?
    When scheduling the installation, our scheduling team will walk you through everything you need to know to best prepare for installation day.
  • What equipment is being installed at my home? Where is it being placed?
    National Solar will install a number of components on your home on the day of installation, including solar panels, a mounting system, a conduit, an inverter, and any other equipment you may have selected during the buying process. The racking system and panels will be installed on the agreed-upon roof planes from your solar system design. The inverter is most commonly installed near your other electrical equipment and meters on the outside of the home. The conduit will be installed to connect the wires from the solar panels to the solar inverter and other electrical equipment.
  • Do I need to be home during installation?
    During the install scheduling call, our scheduling team will determine if you need to be home during the installation.
  • Can I ask the crew to change the design on the day of installation?
    While we ask that you finalize the preferred location of your solar system before the installation, there may be some situations where it makes logical sense to change the location of the solar panels based on the reality of your home when we arrive on site.
  • How long will the installation crew be at my house?
    In a majority of cases, our installation crews will complete their work within 6 to 8 hours. In some cases, the installation may require multiple days. If this is the case, our scheduling team will set expectations for how long we may need to be on-site during those additional days. If your installation ends up taking more than one day for any reason, please refer to our Scheduling Team to quote you on the next available date as it may not always be the next day.
  • What happens after the system is installed? Can I turn it on right away?
    After the solar system is installed, we will schedule an inspection with your local city or town as soon as possible. Once the inspection is passed we will receive permission to operate from your utility provider. Once approval is received, your system will be activated and you will begin saving money!
  • How long does it take for the inspection to occur?
    We intend to complete your inspection within 30 days of the installation being completed. However, Inspection timelines can vary depending on a number of factors. While National Solar is committed to proper planning and accuracy, residential construction always poses some challenges that cannot be fully understood until the day of installation. In some cases, small changes may occur during the installation that are different from our original plans. If this happens, we may have to update our building permit prior to being able to schedule the inspection. This process may take a few weeks or even months depending on the city or town you live in. If the initial inspection fails for any reason, this process may need to be repeated resulting in longer than normal timelines for your system to be activated. We will do everything in our power to avoid this situation and can assure you that the project is never finished for us until your inspection is approved and your solar system is activated and generating electricity.
  • How do I prepare for my inspection?
    There is no action needed from you for the inspection to occur.
  • How long does the inspection take?
    Inspection timelines can vary for every city or town, they usually consist of a technician waiting a few hours for an inspector to arrive and once arrived, the inspection is usually done within 30 minutes. Every city and town have different inspection scheduling processes and very rarely do they give us a specific time for the inspection to occur.
  • What happens after the inspection passes?
    As soon as your inspection is passed, National Solar will proceed with the process to activate your solar system. This process will vary depending on your utility provider. Please contact Customer Care for more details.
  • Is there anything I can do to help the utility process move quicker?
    Unfortunately, utility providers operate at their own speed. National Solar will follow up on your behalf until the process is complete.
  • What are tier-one panels?
    Tier one solar panels undergo a series of testing from multiple third parties before earning the designation as one of the industry-leading panels. National Solar only offers top-of-the-line equipment and can guarantee that any panel installed on your home will be a universally agreed-upon tier one panel.
  • What is the benefit of SolarEdge inverters?
    SolarEdge inverters have multiple benefits over the competition. 1. Max Efficiency – SolarEdge converts over 99% of solar energy into usable energy inside your home. While not far off, the competition only converts around 97%. 2. Seamless Integration – SolarEdge offers a suite of products that can work with your solar system. National Solar will include Power Optimizers and System Monitoring with every solar system. You can also choose to purchase a SolarEdge EV charger or Battery system, which will seamlessly integrate with their web application. 3. Safe to Service – If anything goes wrong with your inverter, it can be serviced from the ground level. Compare that to the competition, which would require a technician to walk on your roof and potentially cause damage to the roof or themself.
  • What does a Power Optimizer do?
    A power optimizer allows every panel in your solar system to operate independently. This means if one panel stops working, the rest of the solar system will still function just fine.
  • What mounting equipment does National Solar use?
    National Solar uses industry-leading mounting equipment on every project. For most roof types, we use the Sunmodo mounting system. Sunmodo offers low profile, lightweight racking, which is designed to prevent roof leaks and allow your solar system to be mounted with as few roof incisions as possible.
  • What battery options are available?
    National Solar is proud to offer industry-leading battery storage solutions. We offer a unique no-backup SolarEdge battery that allows you to sell power produced by your solar system back to the utility grid during times when energy credits are the most valuable, leading to maximum savings with solar. Alternatively, if you would like protection from blackouts, National Solar also offers Tesla Powerwalls 2 batteries. This option allows for the same benefit as the SolarEdge battery with the additional ability to backup your home in the event of a power outage.
  • How does system monitoring work?
    Once your system is activated, you will have the ability to monitor the energy production from your solar system for a full 25 years using the SolarEdge web-based monitoring application.
  • What if I need a re-roof?
    National Solar is partnered with a number of local roofing partners that value customer experience and communication just as much as we do. If you would like or need a new roof prior to installing solar, National Solar will work with our local partners to provide you with the most competitive estimate possible.
  • How do I get access to Solar Edge to monitor my system?
    Following System Activation, National Solar will be able to monitor your system production live in the SolarEdge monitoring portal. You will receive monitoring access once your system is activated and you will receive your login info via email. In addition, we will give you a call to help get you set up.
  • Can I add the cost of the reroof to my solar financing?
    In many cases yes. However, different finance companies have different rules about how much of the project cost can be for a new roof compared to the cost of solar. Check with your solar representative to see which finance companies allow reroofing costs to be included and how much they may allow.
  • What if I have an issue with the equipment or production?
    If you experience any issues with the functionality of your solar system, please contact Customer Care immediately by calling 240-926-9771
  • How can I get assistance fast when experiencing an urgent issue?
    The best way to reach us regarding any urgent issues is by calling or texting 240-926-9771. Our Customer Care team will be able to submit an urgent service ticket on your behalf and ensure you receive a response as quickly as possible.
  • What is Pearl Certification?
    Pearl Certification is the standard for homes that go above and beyond to keep you comfortable, healthy, and save energy. Pearl aims to be the Carfax of home improvements by validating work done by contractors for homeowners. The certificate is transferable to any new home buyers and can help reassure new home buyers of the quality of their solar system. National Solar's installers are partnered with Pearl and every National Solar customer will receive a Pearl certificate indicating that the solar system installed consists of high-quality materials and was completed by a high-quality installation company.
  • What is a performance guarantee?
    National Solar is proud to offer an industry-leading performance guarantee with every solar system we install.
  • Is there a roof warranty?
    In the event that National Solar makes incisions into your roof to install the solar panels, we will offer a full 10-year roof warranty following the installation of the system. National Solar will completely cover any damage to your roof or home.
  • Is there an installation timeline guarantee?
    National Solar is proud to offer a 4-Month installation timeline guarantee for qualifying projects. If your project qualifies, National Solar will commit to installing your solar system within 4 months from final design approval or we will cover a year’s worth of your solar bill payments up to $2000.
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